What do you mean – Leverage?

First – thank you so much for your interest in this project!  it’s been on my heart for many months now, and in July I bought the domain name.  I started another website first, and now that I have it essentially where I want it to be, I am ready to start this project.

You are likely wondering what I mean by leveraging life for the kingdom.  Allow me to explain.  I plan to curate the stories of big thinkers who took something from their regular lives and used it for kingdom work – big picture.  They may not have realized they were big thinkers at the time, but they knew they had an idea that could produce bigger results than just the idea itself.

I’ll be specific – how can each of us as Christians in our everyday life use our gifts, talents, abilities, hobbies, jobs, positions etc to spread the name of the Gospel in our communities and around the world?

  • Can a small homeschool coffee business influence important missions work in a bigger way?
  • Can a business owner cap business spending after paying employee salaries, payables, etc and give the rest of the profit away to international missions each year?
  • Can a mom who teaches Sunday School sell cupcakes with her class to raise money for the annual missions offering?
  • Can a group of people who love sports, assemble a basketball tournament with the specific goal of reaching an inner city community?

Does this resonate?  I hope that this blog, as I share these stories, and many more will inspire and encourage you to find what it is that you do, and get you thinking outside of the box.  How can you leverage that thing you do into kingdom work?

Many are called to the mission field to labor full time, but many of us are here at home in our daily lives, called to serve as well – let’s join arm in arm to leverage our opportunities for the Kingdom of God!



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