Basketball Tournament Part 2

After months of meetings and planning, we had finally gotten all of the details ironed out. As anyone who has ever planned any kind of event is aware, there are a lot of details to be thought through.  The logistics alone can be overwhelming.  Thankfully, we had a team of people with different strengths and passions.  This enabled us to thoughtfully construct a set of rules, a layout for courts and schedules, a specially designed basketball which would enable anyone to share the Gospel, gifts, awards and timeline.  We knocked on doors, introduced ourselves and our ministry, and looked ahead in faith to see how God would provide.

But perfectly laid plans don’t always turn out like you envision.  We dream big dreams, and we have big vision – so we always prepare ahead of time for a mighty move of God.  We prepare for best case scenario, and pray He supplies in his time.

Our first tournament taught us a lot of things.  First, people don’t want to necessarily come out twice.  We planned a 2 day event.  We hoped people would come Friday night and Saturday but honestly not many showed.  What looked kind of bleak though turned out to be a wonderful time for our volunteers. The volunteers jumped in played games, visited with each other and listened to our dreams and plans.  Second, this event is much better planned right inside the community we are reaching out to.  Traveling offsite was a difficulty and taking this event to them where they are is much better.  As a matter of fact, that’s just what we did 2 weeks ago for this years tournament!

Third, this is not really a 3 on 3 tournament event.  This is a tool that helps us generate relationships in a fun way with others outside our circles. This is really a cookout with friends and family.  This is love in action.  If the church can see the potential for working outside our four walls, I can only imagine what God can do with us.


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