Lottie Moon’s Cupcakes

I don’t know about you, but the experiences that linger long across my memory related to discipleship or mentorship are ones that involved me “doing” something. Making deliveries in secret of Thanksgiving meals, taking youth to knock on doors and invite to special events, etc are just a couple that stick in my mind.

My children have been recipients of just such experiences and I’m ever so grateful.  To have older, wiser, mentors in my kids lives who long to instill in them love and care for others and develop good character in them just as I hope to do means the world to me.  We had just one such incident occur recently and it’s all about cupcakes!

As you already know from this blog, my goal is to share the stories of ordinary people going about their everyday lives finding a way to leverage what they do for the kingdom.  For this story, it’s cupcakes. You see for years now Rhonda has made some of the best tasting cupcakes and cakes around.  Not only do they taste fantastic, but they are beautiful.  Our family has been blessed to have shared on several occasions a Rhonda Brooks cake for a birthday.  We have never been disappointed.  But baking cakes has never been Rhonda’s job so to speak.  It’s a hobby that she enjoys, but she is a full time wife and mom, who also works an outside job and in general has her hands full.

Rhonda also serves generously in the church and has a group of teenage girls that she disciples each week in the connect ministry (aka Sunday school).  Rhonda wanted to help her girls think of ways to contribute to the annual Lottie Moon Christmas fund that SBC churches all over the country donate to each Christmas season. (If you’d like to know more about Lottie – check out this story.) I love that Rhonda didn’t just ask them to bring money to contribute.  She wanted to find away to include them in the process – so essential!

Anyway, through the course of coming up with ideas, Rhonda thought it would be a great thing to sell some of her cupcakes – we are always hounding her to make some anyway, and she could have the girls assist in baking and distributing and any money raised could be given to Lottie Moon. As Rhonda told me, kill two birds with one stone- satisfy everyone’s desire for her goodies, and raise money for missions.

Side note – if you are paying attention – this is exactly the kind of stuff I’m talking about.  Ordinary people, going about their everyday lives, finding a way to leverage what they do for the kingdom.  In this case it’s a hobby – thinking outside the box – becomes so much more.

Rhonda acknowledged that she had no set goal in mind, just an idea that God allowed to snowball.  She actually was concerned that maybe her idea wouldn’t even take off.

Another side note – I can so relate to her saying this!  Everytime I have stepped out in faith on an idea that I know was the Lord’s doing in my life, I would wonder to myself if I had “misheard” what He was saying to me.  These times were always just out of my comfort zone, and I was acutely aware of the likelihood of failure.  I believe that God loves to stretch us in those moments, and longs to see us obey Him fully, aware that results are never ours to own.

Anyway, Rhonda stopped promoting this project among the girls families, and church members of our local church at Longview Point in Hernando, MS after commitments for 50 dozen.  That’s right – 50 dozen were pre-sold.  In the end a total of 55 dozen cupcakes were sold to church members for the Lottie Moon offering.  What was so amazing was that several of the adult classes and others chipped in to cover the supplies for baking, and beyond, so that in all – 100% of cupcakes sold and extra donations totaled $1500 given to missions from cupcakes.cupcakes-1825136_1280

Do you get excited reading these words?  I sure do.  If more of us could catch a vision of what could use that we already do and how he could multiply in use for His service, can you just imagine what an impact we could have on this world?  If we could be inspired to step out and do something Big for God, what He could do with our small bit to leverage for His kingdom.

As I wrap up, I’m just going to copy and paste Rhonda’s words herself because I can’t write it any better.  When I asked if she had ever attempted anything like this before, here’s her response:

This was a first. But there have been times in my life financially where I was unable to give above and beyond to special offerings like this. My goal was to give the girls this experience in the hopes they would remember in lean times that you can always give. It may not be cash money; if you are willing and physically able, you can always find a way to give. I didn’t have $1500 laying around to give to Lottie Moon. But together, we were able to give a bunch. We just had to think outside the box and work together!


What about you?  What things have crossed your mind that you think God could use for a greater purpose?  Will you share with me in the comments?  I’d love to hear for you!



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