Leveraging Business

As I have mentioned before, we each can find opportunities to leverage what we do each day for the Kingdom.  Whether that is in our work or our hobbies, we can find ways to leverage the things we are already doing for ministry.

A few years ago we came in contact with a company that had a unique vision.  While we have known others personally who have given of their personal excess to ministry work, this was a really unique situation where the company itself gave it’s excess.  The website for this business has a page for mission and values with a statement that includes this

Profit with a Purpose – *company* will attempt to make profit and will invest the profit to expand the company and to meet the needs of others (physically, mentally, spiritually).

Wouldn’t you love to work for a company like that?  Knowing that as you are building a business and working to create a profit so that once the bills and the salaries are paid, that the profit the company makes goes to benefit and help others.  A personal mandate that is made much larger when backed by big business.  Through an arm of the company that is devoted to reviewing the needs of missions projects around the world, this company has sponsored and granted many projects the funding they desperately need.

If you have a business that you run or have influence with the owner/board etc., what could you do?  Could you figure out how to leverage your profits for something so much greater than yourself?  To me that would be the fun part – figuring out how to spend the excess that God allows me to earn by benefitting the others around us.  Don’t waste your life building an empire to just make yourself comfortable – dream bigger and see what you could do to advance His kingdom with your wealth.


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